big question about m4l mlr redundancy

  • this is probably the worst question to ask around here, seeing as mlr is almost a stereotype of the grid based community. but, im in a situation that requires answers.

    ive searched the community for quite some time (years, but recently, days at a time) for an mlr m4l patch that has a slice mode.

    the best bet i worked with was mlrVST, but the presets dont save, regardless of what you do. SO...

    HERE'S WHAT IM LOOKING FOR: mlr m4l patch that has a record buffer that has SLICE mode. something i can load a preset in an ableton session that i can leave blank, record sounds in the buffers, and play around live with slice mode.

    current temp. patch: mlr aes serialosc

    need the same thing but with slice mode

    ps: does aes have slice mode? am i insane and missing the option? ive stared at it (and many alternatives) and can't see the slice mode.

    any and all options will be tried, as im working with pages and can make anything fit with my system.

  • I have no valuable input for you, but the worst question to ask around here is "how do I run [monome/arc/aleph] apps on [unrelated controller or OS that none of us are using]?"

    Second worst: "how do I use [pick a controller] to control [app designed for mouse and keyboard]?"

    Third is "I'm starting the biggest group buy in the history of ever. Who's in?"

    Then there's "does this look infected?", "Mac or PC?", "where can I download a free copy of Ableton?" (and of course "how do I circumvent the terms of use so as to let me mass produce and sell arduinomes?")

    I feel pretty confident that you didn't make the top 10.

  • @+0

    well thats a relief

    at least im not an ignoramus, maybe a bit naive.

  • Aes doesn't have slice mode. I assume you mean the mlrV feature that mutes after presses are released? Wouldn't be too hard to implement though.

  • @stevieraysean

    yeah, i think they call it momentary. the thing is in mlrVST, it wasn't like in mlrV so much. with mlrV, the momentary mode felt weird, like backwards? i dont know how to explain, except that the mlrVST momentary was more like an mpc.

    i suppose i could go back and find that old patch, mlrV for Live. it allowed basically a button push and it would send each track from live into individual tracks in mlrV. if i remember correct, it even had a feature that muted each respective program when switching back and forth. (i know, i solved my problem, so why make a post in the first place?)

    im trying to contain as much as possible in as few open apps (m4l is doing well enough) or pieces of hardware (couple grids w/pages) as possible. im hoping someone out there knows a m4l device. if not, ill go with the older mlrV

  • @stevieraysean

    am i mistaken, or did i just describe to you the patch that you made? jesus christ man, you must be messing with my head. all of you "grid" people and your cryptic hints as to what i need to do next, where i need to look, and the lines to read between.

    i read your old ass post about using 2 instances of liveosc and learned a thing or two today, but im still going to go ahead and just use mlrv2 final w/ soundflower pipes.

    i swear the monome community is a cult, ive been around these parts a few years, i know "your kind," you damn wizards and your riddles, not just you either @lokey, @phortran, @GreaterThanZero, hey its me, GEAK! ring a bell? think 2011 and insanity around the open board.

    good times mates.