SD files

  • Is there a possibility of making a repo of the SD card's content which needs no compiling? Or is it there and I am being blind?

  • I was thinking on Git HUB

  • the /releases folder in the aleph repository has the most up-to-date binaries for the current release. these updates are generally added to the zip (linked above) within a couple of days of release.

    if you're dying to update to the new versions you can just copy the files from /releases to your SD card and go from there. these releases will be less frequent as the system develops so it's perhaps not a big issue to do it this way.

    is there some particular functionality / reason you want to have a repo of just the SD card contents?

  • i would highly suggest keeping to the master zip unless you're developing new code. it'll be confusing and potentially broken otherwise.

  • I was thinking that the master zip should also live on the github...

  • It doesn't the GitHub is for development...I wish scenes were on there also, but really we should have user end stuff here on the web and the developer stuff on GitHub.

  • github is really not designed for hosting finished software releases, and neither is git. we are bending acceptable practice by adding build files to the repository (in the master branch only, mind you!) , these are there solely as a backup or if there is a need to compare versions for testing.

  • @zebra @c1t1zen: actually, Github is very much designed for releases and I highly recommend following their convention, and it helps with tracking what issues were resolved for what release tag, etc. Like so:

    And if you guys have compiled assets in the /releases folder like @galapagoose said, that would be a _Very Bad Thing_. Git should never have unversionable assets in your git repo otherwise, you run the risk of serious repository bloat.

    I have intended to help you guys out for since last October, and had been busy re-wilding a-la Into The Wild. It was nice, highly recommend. Maybe this is a good place to start. Second is to inquire more about your vagrant box/bees dev env. Oh, and just got rolling with actually digging into operators, such a great idea guys! Wow! Great work, look forward to hacking with you all.

  • hi! oh cool, that's a new one on me and thanks for pointing it out.

    fwiw, i'm well aware of the pitfalls of hosting binaries in source control. that's why everything in the releases folder is tagged with a semantic version string, why they are only in the master branch, and we shouldn't ever push changes to master directly. a given .hex file or .ldr file (~200k, ~60k respectively) should never change; git should never create a diff for them (and hasn't, to date.)

    but anyways, that's great that github finally added release support a la sourceforge (last year, looks like), and i agree it's a much better solution. thanks for correcting me,.

  • anyways i was replying to the notion that "the master zip should live on github," which i think we can agree would be a VBT indeed