Yay! Got my Aleph and I'm able to make sounds with it.

  • Very busy right now, just had time to go through the excellent first tutorial. Then just dinked around with it without apparently causing too much harm. Lines is really fun! Hopefully in a week or so, i'll have time to sit down and spend some time learning.

    Very happy that I think i'll be able to eventually navigate this device!

  • cool!

    i need a vacation for some dedicated (and unstructured) aleph exploration time

  • Me too. I have a two week vacation coming up soon. I'll be finishing a folk record i'm recording, learning about the aleph, throwing some pots and learning a new song for an upcoming performance. So happy to have the time, or i wouldn't be able to do all that.

  • please, tell me more about the folk record...

  • I do recording out of a little studio here. It's a banjo based band, sort of punk folk. Very fun to record and mix as they're going for a very old school sound.

    edit: to be clear, it's not my music, i'm just recording them.

  • very cool

  • Woohoo! I'm excited for more people the get the device in their hands. more conversation, questions, comments, scenes, code...more everything.

  • Probably not much useful coming from me soon, just lots of dumb questions initally...

  • Mine arrives Monday, got a foot pedal for it today!

  • Dang! I got a foot pedal, but i brought it to the studio to use as a talkback switch. Now we rely on it there. Ugh.