Can't load scenes from the SD card after reformatting

  • Hi,
    I was having some troubles so i formatted my sd card (fat ms-dos, i think) and put the contents of Aleph 140304 on it and then tried to boot up the Aleph.

    I can't find any scenes on the aleph, but when i put the sd card in the computer, i can see the scenes in a folder.

    Maybe i need to hold down key #2 when booting?

    Thanks for the help again!

    EDIT: Nevermind, holding down key 2 while booting worked.

  • Also just read about holding down the Mode button while booting and then sw0 to write to flash.

  • you don't need to reflash bees. (that's holding down mode to launch the bootloader)

    is your folder structure set up correctly? you should be able to format a card, copy the zip to the card, extract it in place, then have:


    as the root folders. is this what's there?