relationship between encoder values and module parameters ( Lines )

  • ok, before I sit down and struggle with the maths I just want to see if this info is already out there somewhere (or if there's a better way to do it)

    what i'm trying to achieve to set a metro period to the same time as a delay, so...

    i'm assuming the value an encoder sends to a metro is directly translated into milliseconds (can't see a way to display the metro period but when i set the encoder max to 1000 the metro seems to tick at 1000ms intervals)

    in Lines the maximum delay time is 60s, when i send it an encoder value of 1000 I get a delay time of 1.95323

    but Bees doesn't seem to deal with decimals, so how would I be able to match up these values?

    am i missing something?

    (Lines is amazing by the way)

  • i think at present lines maps 0 to 60s over the 0-32767 int range.
    your best bet to try and line the two up is simply to send the encoder value to delay time directly, and multiply by 2 and send to metro/period.

    i'm not confident that will be 100% accurate but it should get you close.

    the metro timing is actually a little off from 1=1ms. a value of 1000 will give you ~1024ms.

    i think all of the calculations are done the same way though (including lines) so the slightly longer than described value will apply for lines as well. (i think!?)