Control Voltage and Aleph

  • I must be missing something - how does one use the CV ins and outs with, say, waves or lines?

    I'm really looking forward to tutorial 7, but if someone would be able to straighten me out, I might be able to get going before then.

  • +1

    I think there is a VCO VCF patch posted before but I haven't really tried any CV on my Aleph either.

    Actually there are a bunch here...
    Older Bees versions prob.

  • new bees (later this week) includes a monome-driven step sequencer. i'm going to make a demo for it driving CV outputs.

    CV is easy really. just find the cv0-cv3 parameters inside lines/waves. set these numbers up and down and you're changing the voltage output on the CV out jacks.

  • Excited for a bees update. it's becoming one of my favorite apps right now...And I'm only reusing the same ops over and over.

  • You could also do something as simple as create a RANDOM operator (full min and max values), send the RANDOM's output VAL to a CV out. Instant random CV generator.

  • @tehn when the next run of 256s happens, I'll pick one up!

    @emergencyofstate awesome. that example reminds me of all the stuff that can be done with just one line of unix

    Will I hurt my aleph if i send it CV greater than 10 volts? some of my modules get really hot, sometimes without warning (like maths, wogglebug)

  • i believe the circuitry i designed should protect the inputs, so i'd go ahead. if it breaks, i can replace the ADC chip for you.