presets and output destinations don't play nice with each other

  • ok, so presets seem to work fine when it comes to setting INPUT values,
    but they go a bit crazy when you try to modify OUTPUTS

    I'm hesitant to explore too much as tehn mentioned there is a new bees coming this week, maybe it's been addressed in there?
    If not I'll do a full bug catching and documenting session

    (one main thing is that when you store/recall output destinations for the encoders they often revert to something like 151. or another off the scale INPUT location, you can then scroll down until you hit the range where the actual inputs are .... this is is one of numerous strange beahviour I've been getting with them)

    I'm basically trying to create a set of different 'encoder pages' using presets, so in one page the encoders might adjust the filter, on another page they might be altering amp levels.... has anyone done anything like this successfully yet?

  • can you document a specific failure case? we should make a bug report.

  • sure, I'll document a step by step in the morning (and post it in the bug report thread?) .. been tearing too much hair out with it this evening to carry on :)