serialosc/serial/autoconfig protocol - wiki

  • I've been reading (and retyping - how i remember things - thanks college!) the current wiki pages regarding serialosc and opensound control protocol, as well as serial protocol and autoconfig protocol.

    I realize that the old monomeserial protocol is obsolete - but i'm not entirely clear on what protocols are currently relevant. If I was to make a patch that I wanted to be able to interact with the majority of popular monome grids - would i have to consider the serial protocols for both 40h and series devices?

    I'm a bit clueless here - been spending most of my waking life on github or max, so i'm getting there - but could anyone enlighten me as to which protocols are considered 'best practices' for current monome development? explain it like i'm five.

    apologies if this question seems convoluted - somehow it's 7:30 am on saturday morning and i've been up all night.

  • hey, i'll take a stab at it! so the nice thing about serialosc is it abstracts the differences between the 40h and series serial protocols into the common OSC protocol, which works for both. it probably makes sense to focus on the OSC protocol itself and not worry about the serial protocol:

    hope this helps a bit!

  • +1 just focus on that wiki page and you should be compatible as far as possible (including arduinomes etc)

  • Thanks for the help guys. I really appreciate it :)

  • am I right that one can develop with serialosc outside the context of max?

  • yes! raja made some great tutorials on using serialosc in supercollider, and libmonome is a thorough building block for C.

    have a look at the 'developer tools' here:

  • thanks man! max is already a rabbit hole! i'm afraid of what i might do if i click that link ;)