Delicious Max Tutorials, with Sam, inventor of Mira

  • Yep, THIS is the way to get into Max.

  • +1 for sam

  • ditto. great tutorials.

    there's one super funny one in particular where his sister helps him out with vocals for a looper tutorial.

  • did sam really invent mira? awesome.

  • YES. Your timing is perfect!!

  • @declutter yeah he did! ha, I bought mira, even when i was broke just because we got to talking on soundcloud and i wanted to support the project. Then my mind was blown. Would love to experiment with some monome/ipad patches in the near future!

    I think out of all his tutorials, his third is my favorite - simply because in the description he states "out of all my tutorials, this is definitely the third".

    When he hit me up on soundcloud, my first response to him was "OMG! Dude837 is talking to me!" haha he's awesome. said he'd hit me up next time he's in brooklyn - would be cool if we could all get together with him here and talk about Mira :)

  • Oh, I love the patch where he's blowing into the microphone to make pictures react in jitter. and that he wonders why he decided to use someone else's vacation photos for the test. he's the nerd i want to be :P

  • Dude837 is the dude!!! mad respect. hysterical and insightful..

  • Got stuck part way through the wobble bass, but totally agree about the excellence of the video and general pedagogic quality. Still planning on running wobble bass from qunexus and doing the hipster thang.

  • Okay, i FINALLY messed with mira.frame.

    it's OVER! Expect fun grid + mira patches soon. i can't write down the ideas fast enough! Screw a lemur!

  • sweet

  • yeah, nerdgasm.

  • Wow this is great thanks for sharing!