What SD card reader are you using?

  • I guess it's possible that some of my Aleph problems may have been caused (or exacerbated?) by my card reader.
    It's a brand new kingston FCR-HS3. It seems to work fine with my camera's SD cards, i like it. It looks kinda cool in a darth vader way, but who knows?

    Specifically what readers is everyone using? Do you think it's caused you probs with Aleph?


  • Thanks! Sorry for the redundant thread, but at a quick glance i didn't see a lot of specific recommendations. Guess i should just shut up and read the whole thread now...

  • Besides the reader its good to try a different SD Card just to see if that's your issue. I bought the cheapo Office Depot SD only reader after my multicard reader I've had for years didn't work.

  • Thanks, i'll get another card just to be sure.

  • my mbp

  • "2011 osx macbook pro running mavericks. the built in card reader is not working for me. i am using a dynex 2 in 1 usb card reader."

  • I bought the cheap noname SD reader from Office Dump it was in the discount bin by the teller.

    My multicardreader I had for about a decade didn't work though...just couldn't see the drive under disk utility or anything.