128 kit communication problems

  • heeeeey everyone! it's been…..a few years.

    i had taken a step away from the world of monome to get sucked into the recording world, while developing a healthy modular addiction. serialosc was just birthed when i "stopped using". now i'm jumping back into it and am running into a partial problem. my computer is a mac pro, osx 10.8.5, no monomeserial on this system, and most everything seems to work. however, half of my 128 kit does not respond to button presses. in monome test it interacts with lights and all wonderfully, however no button presses. even on apps. any ideas?


  • i just tested this out on my old setup (macbook pro with monomeserial) and same problem. womp.

  • just found this thread. trying this out and will report back tonight. http://monome.org/community/discussion/10974/mk-firmware-serialosc/p1

  • update! all working now. yeaaaaaaa!