Bass Guitar Samples (Free download and free to use)

  • Hello hello!

    Dusted off my bass guitar and recorded a few samples. No processing, just recorded straight from the bass. I'm a bit rusty and the bass needs setting up to stop some strings rattling. Also they're all in G minor and at 100 bpm, if you want any other tempos or keys send me a message. All downloadable and free to use, released under a creative commons attribution license. Recorded at 44.1kHz 32bit on a Fender Jazz 4 string with modified pick-ups, preamp and bridge. Interested to hear what anyone does with them. Will be recording a few more of the instruments and sound objects around my house soon, so more to come!

    Also recorded some guitar and bass for a friends new EP recently. Here's a preview of one of the tracks:

    Send me a message if you'd like any guitar or bass recorded for a project!

  • cool thanks!

  • Downloaded!

  • you need to work on your nose pickers! jk and thanks for these! this comment will serve as a contract for me to post some bass playing in an hour or so.

  • very kind offer @myr


  • '77 Univox bass straight into my interface. Sloppy drunk yuhhh

  • i guess that's g minor. stupid sloppy.

  • i must like sloppy then

    thats my fav

  • i know about your tracks. you seem to like beautiful things and warm sounds. i could pick your tracks out of a lineup. nice stuff mane.

  • thanks a lot for the samples! wish i could play with a pick like that! really nice sound, totally different to what i posted up. downloaded!

  • Thanks! I only use my fingers though. I'll try to post some more later if you will too.