Monome and FTDI D2XX Driver

  • So I've been trying to assist on getting the monome working on the raspberry pi and it seems that I have neglected to look at the biggest portion of the problem. The monome typically uses the FTDI VCP driver but they don't have an ARM compatible version of it, so one looks to the D2XX driver. They list that it does specially work with the Raspberry pi.

    If I understand correctly however that means I have to make an application that manually calls all functions to the serial device? In which case do I need anything special or can I simply repurpose either the monomeserial/serialOSC source calls to VCP driver?

    Thank you.

  • i'm confused by your question-- you simply need to figure out how to get the driver to send the correct bytes to the monome device. so yes, serialosc source will work if you can get the device to show up as a serial port, which is what the vcp is for. for the d2xx driver you might just need to replace the serial functions with d2xx functions

  • Sorry. My question does assume a bit.

    Basically if I understand correctly serial osc will only work with the vcp driver, which is unavailable to arm processors. So I have to use the D2XX driver.

    So I suppose I simply want to know if this was already addressed/thought about? If not that's fine. I just didn't want to build anything before it was necessary.

    I'll have a deeper look at their documentation tomorrow then. Thanks.

  • this has not been addressed as we've been using the VCP since the beginning, which gives broad flexibility to *not* use serialosc and write your own "driver" by simply using the serial port in whatever language/environment.

    you'll be first on the job for the d2xx