Monome in Live 9

  • After lurking here for a few weeks I finally have a grid in, a 40h. I installed it, and everything seems to be working (I'm on Windows btw, and using serialosc). Test app works so I'm good I thought. But I can't seem to get it to work in Live 9.

    I can get some midi going into Live by routing through a midi yoke, but m4l apps like BEAP don't seem to be able to find the grid. I think I took all the steps, but I'm sure I missed something small. Any help is welcome!

    Thanks guys.

  • hey jorgen!
    i can say that this video was at least my key to use my monome with live:

    hope that helps!

  • Thanks Birdster. It helps, kind of. The problem with apps like BEAP in M4L remains. But I also noticed that opening Polygome in Max Runtime, it also doesn't connect. Some apps work straight away, and then the next app doesn't. I thought it was a connection thing, but that doesn't seem to be the case... I'm stuck on what seems to be the problem...

  • i don't know about beap- last time i tried, it was just a bunch of max building blocks to put it together yourself, not an app. regarding polygome, after u clicked connect did u click the /sys/prefix/gome button? (you need to)

  • Right... Seems I forgot to put the Zero.conf files in the Max externals folder...

    Edit: Yep, Zero.conf solved it all.

  • Hmm, those Stretta m4l apps remain illusive. Why isn't there a connect thingie in them? Might have been a bit too soon to cheer.