setting level on a non-varibrightness monome

  • Hi, as mine is vari, can't test this out... Does someone with a non-vari know what happens when you send it level commands to change the brightness? Does it light up for values >= 1 or does it go half way (i.e. values >= 8)?


  • it doesn't light up anything! the /level messages are filtered out by serialosc if the device doesn't understand them.

    in my patches i detect for whether a device is variable brightness with a patch of raja's ( and then have separate drawing commands depending on the model detected. it's a bit more work but means you can be much more specific about how the different models work.

  • thanks for the reply... interesting, didn't know it was actually possible to detect if a device is vari. is that determined in the initial handshake?

  • ah, ok, see the code in smallbatch. nice!