• havent been doing my aleph homework...

    the default trigger for this module appears to be SW0-3

    how do i change that to the CV-IN jacks?

  • on the OUTPUTS page in bees. disconnect SW3 and connect CV-IN.

    on INPUTS page, set CV-IN gate mode as desired.

  • I'm not having luck getting this going. I've downloaded this latest test release:

    Following the release notes: "...i recommend using this .zip as a starting place. other 0.5.x scenes should still work."

    I've loaded the zip contents on my card. After loading bees 0.5.3, I load the dsyn_test scene and can't get any sound when hitting buttons sw0-3.

    Anyway, I don't get the behavior I see on duncan's video ->

  • er... i don't know?

    i realize it's a PITA, but there is a debug build in there, if you could try it out and send me the terminal output i could probably have some idea.

    also, i'm sorry but i'm in a weird situation and won't be able to sit down with aleph hardware for a few days at least. if anyone else could try out that .zip linked above and just say if it works or not, that would be nice. (@tehn, @galapagoose ?) of course it worked for me when i uploaded the thing.

  • ah.. as a note I made this with the first dsyn that was released (0.0.0) , i haven't updated to 0.0.1 yet.. not sure if that makes a difference.

    When you press the switches to you see the Gate0/1 values toggle on the screen?

    When I first tried loading it my Aleph bricked, but I reformatted by SD card, reflashed and all was good
    Also the zip file that I dowloaded ( aleph-140407 ) didn't have lines/waves in the folder, so i just added those.
    I'll try loading that zip release later today as well

  • "Also the zip file that I dowloaded ( aleph-140407 ) didn't have lines/waves in the folder, so i just added those."

    same here

    dunno if that makes a difference

  • i'll recheck out the zip again, later today.

  • @Duncan

    Yes, the 4 buttons give me a gate on/off however just no sound.

    This time around I loaded a fresh sd card from the official latest release https://github.com/tehn/aleph/releases/tag/aleph-140402, but then went and replaced bees w/ 0.5.3, replaced with 0.5.3 scalers then finally the 2 dsyn_test scene files.

    I flashed the debug version this time so if needed, I'll provide some output from that. I'd love to see if it just works for someone else out of the box.

  • since there are no other replies, yes please it would be nice to see debug output, i can probably help.

  • i've confirmed that this zip isn't working, apologies. i'll try to track down working versions and repost.

  • ok sorry then it is my fault, somehow..

  • @eos did you try the earlier test build i posted? 140407

  • woop, it's not there anymore. attached. this has dsyn 0.0.0 with suckier noise generation (sounds "chunky").

    sorry i'm sort of stuck in a weird situation for the moment, with no access to aleph hardware. i must have broken something in dsyn-0.0.1, though i could swear it was working for me (and sounding better.) anyways that's why it's a testing release i guess.

  • @zebra: thanks for posting this version ^^. after adding bees 0.5.3 it worked fine.

    "chunky" aside, running a drum sequence with cv manipulating various params sounded great to me. :)

  • I now you're already working on it, but please please please add cv outs to dsyn. :)

  • is anybody else using this module?
    care to share tips? tricks?

    its loads of unpredictable fun each time i spend time with it but i wish i had more control over the tone & noise

    i'll try to share some audio w/ my findings later

  • did you look at this page? is there something that needs clarification?

    as percussion synthesis goes, it's fairly primitive. there is no AM or FM, so both articles are largely irrelevant. indeed, there are no oscillators exactly; instead the filters become sine oscs at full resonance.

    in the parlance of such articles, each voice has one noise source, one multimode filter (SVF), one VCA, and 3 ADSR envelope generators. the envelopes are hard-patched to VCA, filter cutoff, and filter resonance. the last two envelopes can be arbitrarily scaled or inverted, or disabled. the SVF can be patched before or after the VCA.

    also, jeez, really sorry, i realize that i never added CV outputs to this thing. got wrapped up in other tasks. i should give it a try, unless someone else wants to (@galapagoose maybe?)

    it would just mean adding the appropriate parameters and copying the CV update stuff from the other modules. and seeing if it works / doesn't underflow.

    again, i'm really hoping to improve efficiency on this and other modules by switching to block processing in the module framework and the dsp classes. as it is, you get frame drops with multiple voices. (in this case it can sound kind of cool, but still.) this is a big task so it'll take me a minute.

  • yes i can totally add this stuff in. will add it to my to do list.

  • CV outs :thumbsup:

  • @zebra i've really enjoyed some the idiosyncrasies (like the frame drops) so dont make it tooo perfect :)

    i'll re-read the dsyn docs because i think i'll understand more after this mornings' session (i had the manual open while patching/tinkering) and i bumped this thread mainly to see what other users are accomplishing

    earlier i had a blast tweaking the cutoff w/ FreqON as well as the boolean values, like SvPRE / FreqENV / RqENV

    now i need to get more comfy cycling thru those changes with presets instead of doing it by hand

    @analogue01 yes!
    @galapagoose wish i could help but thanks for stepping in