monome_sum update

  • next week we will be posting a monome_sum update based on your comments received so far, thank you.

    we're happy that many of you are enjoying monome_sum, it's been the result of a substantial amount of time and effort. as you know monome_sum is free and creates no direct income for monome. we ask that if you have the time please show your support for the project by sharing any enthusiasm that you may have; tell friends. make a video. share music. use social media.

    we're trying to spread the word on a new edition of one twenty eights that are on the way, as it is only through our device sales that we are able to continue working on projects like monome_sum (we've already got a few new ideas in the works).

    as ever, so many thanks for your ongoing interest and support.

  • That's great to hear! Will be taking the monome and sum to a meet-up with some fellow modular users tomorrow to show them what's possible. Hoping to get people interested in the possible integration scenarios.

  • not used my Monome for a long long time, but saw the new app on Matrixsynth today and so dug the Monome out the box. very nice sounding app and works OTB on windows.
    probably could have done with something like this for the Monome years ago, might have saved new Monome owners an awful lot of grief, but nevermind, really great work!

    Some feedback from a windows 7/8 user

    2011/256/varibright/Win 7+8

    1. the yellow/gray/white/light blue is a little difficult to see/use, just a little more contrast between the levels/colours would help
    2.Mouse jog wheel doesn't work in Windows, possibly not on Mac either but it would help when adjusting parameters/sliders
    3. Difficult to set tempo, a type in tempo option?
    4. On a 2011 varibright, the brightness values for Flin are incorrect (looks like 1+3, instead of 1+4?), that is, the falling note is not set to full brightness and against the background of lit columns and it's difficult to see. The other apps don't have this issue.
    5. on Windows, the X for closing 'small_batch' is grayed out, you have to go to file>exit, closing from the taskbar also hangs the program.
    6. Max window error - text button/bad argument for message 'set'

  • 7. also, this might just be me not using the Monome/mlrv for a long while, but I can't get drum loops in mlr to play in time along with gome/step. Doesn't appear to match the loop to tempo as mlrv does, I've also tried loops that i know are the same bpm as set in monome_sum.

  • @tehn,

    Thanks for these efforts at providing more accessible and thus immediately useful apps for the monome. One thing I've never been able to work out is getting mlr to play nice, or work, and it was the first app that really drew me to monome. Looking forward to more of these developments.

  • 8. win 7/8, RME fireface UC - sample freq is locked at 22050k

  • I second your comment @shimoda. I've recently had a break from monome and sum has really peaked my interest once again.

    I noticed a few suggestions in the original thread which I would adore implemented, such as midi in and out, different kits for Step, arc integration... However, I understand that adding too many features would take sum away from being such a great tool for first time users. I was wondering if a possible answer would be a pro version? I also understand that adding such features would be a timely endeavour so perhaps the answer could be to commercial sell the app? I know It's something I'd be happy to shell out a few $$'s for... just a thought.

    Anyway, wonderful work.

  • Open source all the way granted, and not being a programmer I would shell out $$$ for a 'pro' version of sum. Just a very manageable concept and vastly easier to set up than say pages or quadrants which I do still use and love

  • @fluxsta ditto

    i'm very excited to give monome_sum a spin. like @juniortaxi above i've had a long break from monome but this is the kind of initiative that make me want to go back to using it.

    so thanks guys, will definitely spread the word!

  • +1 @fluxsta

    Also, one edit that would be great to see in the update is a tempo you can type. I can never get it where I need it, and no matter where you drag it, the tempo always has a decimal on the end.

  • @PabsArg:
    you can click on the text of the tempo and type in your desired tempo (i believe!?). we'll add that to the docs.

  • just checked the tempo thing, it's an easy fix, not currently present. added to list.

  • short feedback.
    have the same shifting thing as @anzyM mentioned earlier in another thread.

    .when I activate the router, the bottom line leds showing the available columns seems to be shifted by 8 to the left, so bottom leds 1 to 6 are lit instead of 9 to 14. this is ONLY on my gs128. on a my other 128 varbright its all good.

    . in router when volume of flinc/step/gome and mlr is set to the lowest value there is still slightly some audio coming thru.

    . when starting _sum, sometimes the trigs which has been set in "_step" are not hearable/no affect. as soon switching with the router to another app, they become hearable.

    osx 10.9, latest serialosc

  • One thing I noticed on my 256 is the behaviour is as if the grid is a 128 with the columns being midway in the grid? Is this normal behaviour for the app?

  • Can arc apps, or "triggers" be included into the empty app slots within sum? Looking forward to additional information on swapping applications, as discussed briefly earlier.

  • ^yes would love to add my own patches to the slots!

    outstanding work y'all.

  • this is a great work!!!!!!!
    yesterday i had my first approach with monome_sum, and i found it really useful.
    thanks to all making this possible!!!!

    two little suggestions:
    1- making beams bars more intuitive. in my opinion the order of the bars should be
    the same of the apps. for example: first 4 bars -> 4 flin controls,
    next 2 bars ->2 corners controls,
    next 2 bars -> 2 step controls,
    next 2 bars -> 2 gome controls,
    next 2 bars -> 2 mlr controls,
    and in the end the 4 volumes controls.

    2- it would be great if there was a midi clock output to synchronise other stuff around

    anyway this is a great app.

  • @tehn @galpagoose

    Thanks for the tempo fix in the upcoming update :)

  • @PabsArg: while i'm gonna make it more obvious how to do it in the new version, i just tested the release version and it already works. you just have to click on the 'numerical display' rather than anywhere in the slider. if you drag the number up/down it will go (a horrible shade of) yellow, but you can also click it, then type your desired tempo, then hit 'enter' to update.

    let me know if this doesn't work for you. are you on windows or mac?

  • just tested it .. typing a tempo value works on win7

  • you can click on the text of the tempo and type in your desired tempo also in winXP

  • @galapagoose

    Hey, so, clicking anywhere on the slider where the number is not present gets me a tempo with a decimal. Clicking on the 'numerical display' gets me whole numbers. And if I click on the number and type, I can type in the number yay :)

    My bad, I didn't realize because when you click, nothing highlights to lead you to believe that you can type. Sorry man!

    Also, I'm on a mac.

  • glad it's working! we're currently trying to make the visual appearance more obvious..