• I have a 2011 128 Grayscale. Is there a firm ware update that allows for individual LED varibright or is that only possible with later editions?

  • the 2011 has 4 intensity levels. there's no way to update it to 15 levels pr led, i'm afraid.

  • Not the greyscale I would think. But yes, there is no upgrade.

  • no sorry, missed that! not the gs of course.

  • speaking of varibright...

  • so not via firmware.

    can older 'nomes have any boards or other switched out or some other sort of modification short of replacing our old friends with newer models?

  • older grids don't have a cost-effective upgrade path.

    your old friends are very useful still-- there are so many outstanding apps on the wiki for mono-brights, and hardly any for the vari-brights. myself, i'll continue trying to maintain backwards compatibility when designing new applications, but i've also come to realize lately that the vari-bright experience adds a tremendous extra dimension to the interface design.