usb hub with Aleph

  • so i'm trying to plug both midi cable and a grid into the Aleph simultaneously but not getting anywhere.
    At the moment I have an unpowered usb hub, is this likely to be the problem.
    Either works fine on their own (i.e. grid or midi>usb cable) but when going through the hub i don't get anything?
    Has anyone got this working yet?

  • i believe that multi-device usb support has not been implemented yet. ...vaguely remember reading that, in one of the threads.

  • hubs are not yet supported, sorry!

  • is there an alternative method I haven't thought of, or is it currently just a choice between grid or midi input? (no problem if so, enough to keep me very busy!) ..
    looking forward to new grid and route operators, I can see another tutorial video to be made :)

  • only one device at a time for now.

    will add hub support to USB host stack but it's really quite an involved job.