monome_sum v1.1

  • i made the version of mlr for sum from scratch but it is really stripped down from the 'standard' version raja posted. it's very much intended as an introduction to mlr's capabilities and if you're enjoying that output and would like to explore further modifications, then definitely use the full version.

    indeed raja is correct that the two most common "there's no sound" complaints are:
    1) the 'dac' is not turned on (this begins audio processing in max)
    2) the volume sliders are not turned up (particularly on the master channel)

  • hmmm i will have to try it again. i know i adjusted sliders and certainly had the dac on. i feel like it was more likely some sort of file loading confusion in my case. i wiped my computer so i have almost no files aside from a desktop packed with monome insanity lol. i could think of worse states for my computer to be in ;)

    i am starting to make some music with all this stuff so i will just keep rendering thereby increasing my stuff i can load.

    i'd be lying if i didn't mention a sum version that was just all mlr's and pattern recorders. i haven't even finished my coffee yet and i am thinking "what language is this program in?" "could i learn that language?" " i see that advanced edit page that appears to just simply be able to load different apps in each page!!!" "but it doesn't seem to work for me." "will i break this thing if i tinker?" "can more than one instance of an app even be going/sync'd at one time?" "can the gui be updated easily?"

    and then i think i need to calm down.

  • tried again and perfect function this time. i really like the sum and tpv versions of mlr though. with the sum version it would be so amazing to have 4 pages of that going!

    i really need to learn how to program this stuff. i have so many clearer ideas now in terms of functions that seem highly implementable if only i knew what the fuck i was doing.

  • the way the sum mlrs map longer samples over huge portions of the grid is amazing! need more of that!

  • ah that is all great to hear. i may have to buy a max license before long (so i can break all this cool stuff i have been using lol). what i meant by multiple instances is not standalone instances but actually within sum. like, four pages of the mlr (on the available pages of sum) or replace apps in sum i don't use. replicas of the same app within the smallbatch pages. that way they can all be managed within smallbatch.

  • do i need gen or would that be helpful in any way?

  • is there a way to load own samples into step? i need cr78 in there.

  • omg im a fucking jackass. i didn't even see the drum synth editor per voice. i very wrongly assumed those step sounds were samples. sorry again for my idiocy. sum looks better and better as i learn.

  • tehn, has a firmware fix been done for picking up the mks with serialosc?