Why are the SD cards so f*cking fragile in the Aleph?

  • I've literally only used my Aleph a couple times since having it looked at and already the card is corrupt.
    I've used SD cards in cameras and my little PCM recorder hundreds and hundreds of times without any troubles ever, ever.
    This is crazy.

    I'm putting the aleph back in it's box until (if ever) there's a reliable OS/card system.

  • @blungo, hey, i just don't know. all the problems you're reported have driven me to incredibly time-consuming lengths of unit testing. like writing thousands of test files from the aleph, then reading them, then writing again, then doing a binary diff on the whole 1GB system or whatever, before and after 2nd write. using multiple hardware units, multiple cards, recompiling firmware for different timings, etc etc ad nauseum. many hours of this and i just can't get the kinds of problems you're reportimg. also having a hard time coming up with theories that would put the blame on the aleph OS. again, i can get card corruption by deliberately removing the card early after powerdown or during powerup or during scene save. which is totally expected; you just can't subject a FAT system on flash memory to those conditions.

    the only thing i can suggest is to try smaller card sizes than you're used to with cameras and recorders. like, standard capacity (<2gb) is probably best. though i have used several 8gb SDHC cards with no problems as well. it just takes too long to fully test the behavior of long read/write cycles on big filesystems like that, and there are many more ways for the card's internal firmware to screw up.<br />
    if there is some hardware condition that is giving your unit grief but not mine, via some interaction with the OS / sdcard driver that i can fix, then i of course would like to fix it. i haven't gotten any clear clues towards how to do that other than just blindly slow everything down.

    perhaps we can arrange to fully swap out your unit and do better testing than was apparently done on this repair cycle. but that is ultimately going to be up to brian how to handle it. sorry you're not having fun with the thing.

  • Thanks, sorry to subject you to extra work.
    I haven't done any of the things that you said would cause a problem.
    I've so far only used the cards supplied by you guys.

    I did use the aleph twice in a row for about an hour each time recently with seemingly no problems.

    I'm a little scared to use it right now, but if it doesn't have any problems for a while, i can live with the occasional card corruption.

    I'll get some smaller cards as well. That it's been working for a couple hours is a good thing. I'll keep my fingers crossed that it continues for a while.
    Thanks again for your effort!