FT Aleph for a recent 128

  • Recently sent back to Tehn to make sure it was up to spec. Supposedly it is, but I can't get much use out of it.
    Comes with a corrupt SD card. Otherwise in good shape.

    USA trades preferred.

    Edit: Also interested in an OP-1, or a push with a suite license (are they even transferable?)

  • sorry to hear of your misfortune...

    if i had a 128 i'd trade in a heartbeat

  • For a 128? That would be a deal! I'd trade for my gs128. I am in the UK.

  • After sleeping on it, i think i should probably hang onto the aleph for a while. Maybe soon, or in the future there will be a way to get it to work consistently.

  • @blungo2: i truly believe you're making the right decision here. just hang in there for a while longer and i'm sure that you (and me) will be amazed what this little box can do. in fact, i am stunned by some of the stuff that's already out there. once some of the current technical kinks get ironed out and development can be a bit more rapid using the announced visual editor, the platform will become quite a bit more accessible for more people.

  • Thanks, i'm sure your right. I just want it to work when i turn it on. It seems like other people aren't having the incessant issues that I am, either that or they're way more patient than me.
    Right now i feel like it's an incredibly expensive paperweight. I'm sure that someday it will work (i hope!).