maxforlive/monome, easy integration?

  • Hi,
    i started to learn max the last month and would love to incorporate my 64h with some patches.
    is there any "easy" way, like an external or so, to add monome support to patches? i´d like to have control over the LEDs, obviously but most of the patches i looked into are not easy to grasp.

    any tricks and tips on how to achieve this are very welcome.

    thank you!

  • ooops, just found serialosc, seems to be prtty straightforward, thanks :)

  • What I do is -- You have to install the BEAP package, (which is awesome BTW). You can then access SerialOSC as an "Package" by right clicking in your maxforlive window and choosing PASTE FROM -> BEAP -> MONOME -> SERIALOSC

  • thanks, it´s easy to recieve from and talk to the monome but it´s hard to come up with a good logic to integrate it into a patch, since i´m new to maforlive i have to learn a lot :)