monome and modular

  • so i've started to plan a bit for a app that would work directly with a modular(euro/10vss standard). the general game plan is to be able to control a slew of parameters just from the monome interface. this would be able to route multiple CVs out to control various parameters at once. ADSR, v/oct, lfo, tempo, etc. i'm diving into BEAP to get some ideas, but this would be for performance based situations. some random algorithms, maybe like the klee, would also be incorporated.

    what are some things that other users would like to see, or find helpful? the more ideas, the better the app!

  • Hi Active, this is a really nice idea. How would this be different from putting together a larger BEAP patch? As I am trying to integrate my monome/arc more with my modular, I am interested in hearing more. Might have more specific input also once I understand what you're trying to achieve.

  • I have a Klee. it mightn't be immediately obvious, but the best thing about it is the gate bus. 3 individual gate/triggers all derived from the master clock and each based on a different logical condition of the clock and the other gate states. would be easy to build in max and would take you away from the midi note>midi out paradigm that you can fall into easily.