FOR SALE (AUS): Walnut 2010 Series 64 Monome (Thick walnut edges)

  • you know the deal - thing of beauty, in lovely condition.

    Walnut edges from the 2010 series:

    “series” 256, 128, 64 (2007-2010)

    mitred-frame walnut enclosure, plate embedded/framed within enclosure, orange LEDs. rubber “noodle” slip guard on bottom. burned brand “monome” on bottom. 64 bus powered and included tilt sensor.

    The thicker walnut edges and inset aluminium make this series one of the best runs IMO. In fine perfect condition.

    Looking for $450. (AUD) or £350 (UK Sterling)

    Buyer pays shipping. Located in Australia.

  • looking at trade for anything @damo303?

    In Brisbane mate

  • I'm interested -also in australia, -especially if it's variable brightness ..though I'm thinking the 07 - 10 edition was prior to that .. could be wrong… ?

    don't quite have enough funds at the moment, however, would trade an original 40h + cash or two unbuilt yet complete 40h kits with led's + cash..
    ( just after a grid that'll mach the arc 2 )
    -it's a thought anyway... 450 seems reasonable, hope you find a buyer..