FS: Illucia DTR

  • Up for grabs is my illucia DTR. Production model #2 from the first run. While the device is amazing... opening up many possibilities for hardware control of systems like PD and Max/MSP I just haven't had time. Thought someone within the monome community might be interested.

    Utilizes OSC communication. The designer developed many open source programs, and Max extensions for rapid patch development. (www.illucia.com)

    Will include: DTR, USB cable, and original packaging
    Will also throw in the new Banana cables I purchased: 4 - 12" orange, 4 - 12" purple, and 4 - 12" white. ($70 total from TestPath)

    $400 insured ship anywhere in US. (buyer pays paypal fees) (Saving over $175 if you were to buy everything new today.)

  • not to be a tease
    but i'd like to see pictures even tho i'll likely pass on buying it from you

    each dtr build is pretty unique

  • you are correct! they are each quite unique.

    1920 x 1280 - 359K
  • still available. just dropped the price.