An object to send elements to the grid?

  • Hi everybody, so I have been making my first hesitating scenes and realized I had no clue about how to make my 64 grid react to anything I'd do in the Aleph. Meaning, the grid sends info but doesn't receive any (maybe in the step sequencer object but that's not my idea here). Likewise for MIDI for instance, how can I send a CC out? Sounds like a very important thing to me, or maybe I missed something?

  • yann, i agree this would be an essential thing to be able to do, especially if you don't intend on writing your own modules/operators.

    if someone else doesn't give this a go in the next month or so - i'd love to try.

  • Yes, especially as it would then be super easy to create LFOs for any parameter of an external synth. I will have my first performance with the Aleph on the 6th of May at Mayhem in Copenhagen, by the way. With my very own patch haha, should be fun!

  • there is a midi cc out object, but that's totally unrelated the the grid.

    at the moment grid operators are fundamentally standalone little apps that make output data and take a few inputs.

    perhaps give a more clear idea of what you'd like to do and we can make suggestions.

  • Well these are of course two different things, sorry for the confusion. Still two things: about the Midi CC out I haven't found it, in which version of bees is it? Then about the grid (so, NOT the same subject), my idea is simple: I want to do something on the Aleph that has an impact on the Grid, like for instance a scene in which you work with the knobs on the Aleph and see the result on the Monome 64. Right now all I can do is to press a button (or several) and have an effect on the Aleph, but it only seems to go one way. Is that clearer?

    Then again I can't program it myself unfortunately, so I just wanted to know if this was something that would be addressed sometime soon. Apart from that I am getting very happy with my Aleph, and will send some videos soon - plus maybe one or two scenes, simple ones but still, I am really enjoying it.

  • MIDI CC OP in Bees >0.5

    Data is be able to be sent, Steps is sending data. Just needs the proper routing to x and or y of the grid, I haven't attempted this with the grid but have made screen scenes that track knobs and such.

  • @i_snor: Grid Op: That's correct. it's pretty much 1 way at the moment. You can detect grid output presses and make stuff happen to other parameters not the other way around. I was confused by this at first too. Apparently they are waiting for more clear direction on what we want out of a 2 way grid operator.

    I need to think on it more but I suppose I was expecting to be able to do something basic like map an output param to a grid COL or ROW. For instance, I map my first encoder which has minimum/max input values of 0 -16 and the LEDs increment across the grid. Or I scale some other param values to 0-16 and use the grid as a level meter.

  • i'd think something kind of like the new triggers app would be nice

    simple shapes/animation representing ops

  • @eos:
    the kind of OP you mention should be pretty simple. a grid operator with 16 inputs that accepts numbers 0-15 and draws either lit rows or columns (input to choose rows or cols). would these be best as filled bars, or a single cell that moves?
    16 outputs each send a 0-15 value for whichever was the last key pressed.

    our focus on grid apps has been directed very differently than this type of use case (eg. life, step, cascades), so i guess we haven't quite got the mix right. ideas like the above described are relatively easy to implement though so if there's a few simple things like this i'm sure we can help out.

  • woah

    what is cascades?

  • @galapagoose @tehn @zebra

    My Grid op ideas are far from fleshed out. I can only share little snippets of my experience so far and little bits of ideas.

    - There are grid specific OPS but they don't have 'grid' in the name. Unless I'm mistaken. Are Life, Step and Cascade able to be used without a grid of some kind providing input? What if they were G-Life, G-Step, etc. Shit sounds gangsta :P Or going in the other direction, maybe the OPS list can be categorized somehow and these OPS could simply fall under 'grid' I guess my point is, its confusing.

    - I imagine a 'Grid' operator as a starting point for building scenes in Bees that let you send to and from the grid. For instance, I could use a METRO -> ACCUM to increment led's 0-15 across the top row and use the below row/buttons as output to trigger preset changes related to CV control or anything else.

    Maybe there could also be LED actions that could be triggered instead of just 'on' like a varibright pulse.

  • Exactly, that's what I am talking about. If it was possible to draw on the grid from the Aleph using some simple objects then we could technically make our way afterwards. Should be single cells, mostly, and it should work in both directions. A fader object would be nice also, with starting point, horizontal/vertical, length and an associated slew.