deleting, moving and inserting operators

  • Before I ask my question I must say I am incredibly happy with the Aleph and think it is amazing in every possible way - it gives you strong limitations somehow and then it makes you feel incredibly free. My first concert with it only coupled to a Kurzweil reverb this coming Tuesday in Copenhagen, with a scene I made. I'll send some videos!

    Then my question: how come I can't just delete, say, the seventeenth operator out of a list of 30? It seems like I will have to delete 30, 29, 28.... and so on first, and it is super frustrating as it leaves me with two options when I want to change a complex scene: messy code or eventually a lot of time re-entering lines that were originally functional. Also, could we think of moving the operators up and down in the Operator page in a near future (and therefore in the Output page), or insert them somewhere in the list at least as it changes the priorities and can force people to re-do everything for one mistake done in the beginning?

    Thanks again for this beautiful instrument.

  • @i_snor: You're correct. At the moment you can only delete the most recently created operator in the list. It has been brought up numerous times here on the forum and there is an issue for it in the github issue queue ->

  • I asked about this earlier in the bug report thread. Apparently it hasn't been implemented yet and is somewhat tricky to do. We'll just have to wait for it, or for the patcher. :)

  • Alright, thanks for the info - and thanks in advance to those who will implement it!

  • I get around this by saving versions at each big operator additions. I can go back a few versions before I made a silly addition. The visual patcher I think would definitely make patching super fun.

  • there is a function for arbitrary op deletion, in bees/src/net.c, which frankly i am scared to test. operator list is arrayed and not linked, so it's a nightmare to do that kind of stuff on it. basically the list is destroyed back to that point, rebuilt and reconnected. can try remapping the DELETE button to net_delete_op(selection) , rather than to net_pop_op(void), see how it goes.