Can MLR2.6 AUX load more than 400 loops?

  • HI.
    i'm 5month old to this monome world.
    I have a question about mlr2.6 aux.
    I've been trying to make set and figure out which samples fit together.
    but i just find out that i can load 400samples.
    is there way to add more than 400 samples?
    (or should i use another DAW to find good combination of loops and load them to MLR to save space?)
    i would like to know your opinion and help.
    thank you very much:)

  • there is a limit of 400 if i remember well.
    But i also remember that the fix should be easy. i can take a look

  • Chapelier fou
    Thank you for your help.:)

  • >chapelier fou
    i found "mlr_2.27_cyst-DJ_SRS"
    i copy file_list.maxpat to MLR2.6 AUX
    i was able to put more than 400 samples ..but there are 2 problems ..
    the sample window gets white out and i can't see anything also crush many times.

  • honestly I don't know how i did it but i can add 1200 samples without crashing now .lol
    thank you guys:)

  • crazy brah, I'll try to figure out what you did

  • @jimmypesto
    i don't know if this one works for you.
    i'm not familiar with max stuff yet .