CV Quantizing and building scales

  • I've been running various kinds of random out of my Aleph lately into my eurorack quantizer, but my quantizer needs to go into the shop for some tweeks, so it's got me thinking about building a scene for random quantized output in Bees. I'd like it to cover multiple octaves and the best way I can think to do it it is to randomly access a List and then have a subclock randomly change the list's preset values.

    Am I on the right track? I'm still getting used to thinking in Bees, so I'd love some ideas. Anyone doing similar stuff?

    Cheers :)

  • not really knowledgeable about quantizing

    but i'm interested to see what you figure out

  • I will report back :)

  • on a completely different topic

    i am EAGERLY awaiting your new album on Phinery...just heard about it over the weekend

  • I've been thinking about this too lately. On the topic of scaling/quantizing check this stuff out:
    There's a particular patch: NoteQuantize_MIDI_BP.maxpat that is pretty interesting look into how midi note numbers are processed and manipulated in a table

  • @gli Thanks!! I can't wait for it to come out either :D

    @emergencyofstate Cheers. That patch looks good. I mostly use cv gear, so I'm always thinking in terms of 1v per octave, but how one goes about manipulating the table should be the same, regardless of whether it's midi numbers or not.