Digital Arts Expo

  • Hi All,

    This Thursday, May 8th, I will have an installation in the main gallery at CalArts, and some of my compositions will be performed by a extended piano robot my classmates and I created in collaboration with Trimpin. There is also another great robots performance at 2:30 in the Machine Lab, lots of interesting new interfaces, installations, video games, projection mapping / visual programming projects, a DJ set from Daedelus, and all sorts of stuff.

    It's free!

  • Sweet, Hopefully it's not a long shift for me at work, I'll try to attend the afterparty.
    Good luck with the performance wish I could see your robots. Record and post it for others please.

  • Our new piano robot will be around and doing its thing, playing crazy compositions by itself, through the early evening, (I think) and I can certainly show you the robots that live in the machine lab, whether or not I'm able to show you them in action. I messaged you my cell number.