Question re Random OP (BEES 0.5.3)

  • In the docs the random op is listed as having a MIN and a MAX input, and yeah I see them both in the input page. But in the output page I only see one "RANDOM/M" input. What does it do? When I map an encoder to "RANDOM/M" it doesn't seem to have an effect... at least not the same effect as changing MAX or MIN values on the input page.

  • this is due to the screen size chopping off the last 2 letters (i've added an issue to github to change the name to "rand"), but you can do this routing. /MIN comes before /MAX so at present you can just very carefully scroll down from the previous destination for min, or up from the next destination for max.

    sorry for the awkwardness!

  • Got it! Thought that might be happening :)

  • fixed in next rev