max/monome tips+tutorials thread

  • general survey- what tutorials, youtube videos, max patches, general info or personal experience (light bulb over head moments) did you find helpful for working on monome apps in max? beginner to advanced tips welcome.

  • Thought I read about it somewhere here, but Sam aka dude837's delicious max tutorials on youtube are awesome, not specifically with monomi but max in general. Some cool patches but really good for learning thought process of building in max along with tricks and tips. Even as a long-time max user, I got a lot out of these videos. (like hold shift to connect multiple objects at once! where was that my whole life? obvious in hindsight, but what a time-saver)

    pretty sure I remember hearing sam authored something on the app page too, can't recall which it was

  • @karaokaze did a great max sampling/dsp tutorial. maybe he can chime in with a link if they are still up

  • the more specific of an application i have in mind the easier patching is. breaking the components of a system into core parts, writing / graphing on paper, thinking before i physically patch, that sort of workflow really helps bring it all together. it's easier to draft specifics than to explore the unknown, even though it may be a mix of both.

  • @dean

    oh snapz, my site died, i forgot.
    ok, uh.... how to do this...

    that old monome-based one also attached here as a .zip now.
    ...but... it had some soundfiles which are too big to upload as a zip on these forums, AND, it used the old serialosc which required zeroconf...
    so... if you're still interested in this particular one:
    1) in the .zip folder here, replace srlsc.maxpat with a newer version of serialosc.maxpat(depending on how you store serialosc.maxpat, it may be as easy as simply editing the bpatcher in the top-page of the patch to load your copy of serialosc.maxpat(if you store serialosc.maxpat in the global max/cycling74 folder, just go to the bpatcher inside this tutorial patch that displays the 'connect' button for your monome, go into its inspector, and change the file it loads to 'serialosc.maxpat', max should find your newer version automatically))..
    2) the soundfiles used were called, "RetiBass.aif", "RetiBeat.aif", "RetiChime.aif", and "RetiCynth.aif" and you can simply store any soundfiles of the same name in the tutorial's folder and it should work the same(the particular sounds weren't that important. although, maybe for 'RetiBass.aif', and 'RetiBeat.aif', you might want some kind of bassline-loop and beat-loop respectively to replace those)

    hope it helps

  • thats right it was the first one i had in mind! although the second is probably more useful and more to elquinto's needs!

    and just two left? gad dang!

  • thanks for all the links. feel free to post anything not monome related. tips like "hold shift to connect multiple objects at once" are really good too. not so common knowledge stuff that makes the workflow a lot easier. "wow I wish I knew that sooner" type of info.

  • wow, yet more to go through! always late to the party.