m4l double Seqbox created using beap

  • seqBOX :

    is a double m4l step sequencer made with beap :

    SeqBOX 8 STEPS ideal for monome 64

    SeqBOX 16 STEPS ideal for monome 128

    instructions :

    In the Seqbox midi effect rack map a button of any controller to the Change Seq Knob ( set mapping from 0 to 32 ) . This will enable the switch from a sequencer to another …
    beap monome switch is able to connect untill 4 patches to the monome…i only used 2 patches for now …this is why u have to select from 0 to 32 .

    2) midi map the 2 refresh buttons inside the seq box with the same button used for change seq button …this will give u the 2 sequencers in sync

    just map the other knobs of the midi rack for the transpose and stepseq length …

    if someone have some other ideas to implement … let me know … but i am starting to learn max