Soundflower won't launch on Mavericks?

  • just noticed something broke my soundflower (mavericks?). can't get soundflowerbed to launch anymore. when i launch Soundflowerbed, the icon appears and closes in a couple seconds. does anyone know the problem?

  • I use SoundFlower (sometimes) in Mavericks without any problem.

  • I'm on mavericks and it's working OK for me.

  • sounds like the same issue. extensive googling revealed I'm not alone with this problem. …but couldn't find any info that helped.

    …just finally got it working again. i tried just about everything, even compiled the unreleased soundflower 1.6.7 from source but that didnt work either. many uninstalls and reboots later, what did the trick was using the app 'pacifist' to install the files from the .pkg, instead of going through the installer.