Reaper as DAW?

  • Hi all
    Feedback and experience welcome please. Generally only use hardware alongside monome 256. I have Ableton but finding the experience wholly un satisfying when I turn to it? Integration with the monome has always seemed buggy and full of hassles, even with pages set up. Without wanting to go on a rant, I seek anyone's experience using Reaper?
    The more I read into the software the more it seems appealing particularly regarding audio processing?

    Anyone using reaper at all?

  • <3 Reaper. I use it constantly, I wouldn't say it's any easier than any other DAW, Because I've spent many thousands of hours on it making it intuitive to me now.<br />I really think if you're looking to integrate a Monome the Max4Live plugin Stretta wrote look awesome but I haven't had the time to try it yet.
    I use reaper for Expert Sleepers Silent Way and recording tons of multi-tracks at once.
    I know they added a scripting language so you can do lots of crazy audio processing and GUI tweaks. Is there any particular question you need answered?

  • Right!
    Cockos and JS plug-ins are really great...
    Use it for mixing stuff coming from ableton, ptools, max, ...
    Like also the ability to modulate every parameter (never tested Bitwig, but will do it next week :-)
    Editing into Reaper is, for me, so much easier than Avid's flagship!
    Free update almost every week!!

    Not the same "function" than Ableton at all...

  • reaper is the best DAW, nuff said

  • I used Reaper for quite a while, it's a very capable and extremely configurable DAW, although not very intuitive, at least initially for me.
    In my mind, choice of a DAW is kind of like choice of underwear, very much based on preference and idiosynchrycies.
    A couple years ago I migrated to Harrison mixbus because I was almost exclusively using the DAW for tracking and mixing, which Mixbus excels at it. It wouldn't work for a lot of people for a lot of things, but for just tracking and mixing it has greatly enhanced my workflow. If i want to do quantizing, chopping up stuff or midi stuff, I use Ableton.
    As an all around, can do everything DAW, i think Reaper may be hard to beat at any price.

  • thanks for the feedback guys! downloaded and it seems very in-depth, at least for my level of understanding. Will take some time out to experiment and learn the basics of it. Seems very intuitive.

    no particular question, just read a bit about it.

    cheers you wonderful forum

  • This jscript is one of those downloads that just made me go WOW.

    Reaper has a lot of cool random tweaks compared to most DAWs, I think that's what keeps me on it most. I think it's best to use lots of DAWs though so you can help out when at another studio setup. Most of them have a lot of overlap.
    I started out on Goldwave and Multiquence in the 90's then some Tracker stuff. We're all so spoiled with so many powerful tools in our home boxes now.

  • i'm currently trying out ableton as a replacement for renoise, which just doesn't do it for me anymore. all i want is to tweak and edit long wavs in a timeline. i might look into reaper again.

  • ok, been messing with Reaper. Powerful, but from what I can see deep! Life's commitments mean that it will be on the back burner for a while. Great to see a company with a fully fucntional demo, that is to be applauded. I enjoy working mainly with samples, and reaper seems very powerful for this...Meanwhile, back to the 256 and working with samples and midi both on the grid and my MPC Ren. :-)

  • Totally with blungo2 on this one. Love Ableton for song creation and playing around with sounds. Final mixing always in Harrison MixBus.

  • Has anyone worked with sunvox? I've enjoyed using it as a mobile app, the patchblock-style instrument builder is well suited to it. Don't know if i've seen anyone work it with a monome, though.

  • that JavaScript stuff looks pretty deep. I had no idea reaper could that.