Reaktor is on sale - is it worth it?

  • reaktor is pretty awesome, but you might not have a real need for it if you are deep into max/msp already. i prefer reaktor for a variety of reasons, mostly because it's more streamlined towards audio/MIDI and i have an easier time understanding how things work (~gen may win me back someday though).

    the user library is also a great resource with a ton of innovative ensembles for free. and commercial ensembles such as razor and monark are also amazing - although you don't need the full version of reaktor to use them, they can give you an idea of what's possible.

  • I would say at $99, it's worth it based solely on the factory content & user library alone. I was checking out some of the highest rated user library ensembles last night and the sound quality was blowing my mind.

  • it's also true that NI often has very generous offers to upgrade reaktor to komplete, which is an absolutely huge package with many fantastic products (massive, kontakt, battery, fm8, absynth, tons of FX and sample packs as well.)

  • i think the floating-point prob with serialosc is solved by now:

    might be something to make sure of if you want to monome with reaktor(i bet salamanderanagram could confirm?...).

    (reaktor is easier than max because it ties its events to the audiothread, like pd, sc, csound, etc... so you don't have to worry about declicking as much :p
    gen~ is a little deeper than reaktor core-cell, so i prefer gen~ these days, but reaktor core-cell is the reason why reaktor was ahead of the game for years(only other thing that made me gravitate towards max was max can be built into standalones and, i don't know about these days, but back when i used reaktor it couldn't load vsts or aus within it).
    ensembles made it ultimately attractive in the 90s cuz users could get kickass sounds straight out the box... win. win. :D)

    wait.... why did i log in as the troll if i'm going to be so polite?!

    fuck you all. with love.

  • lol! big ups to raja!

  • I'm really not fully understanding reaktor, so help out, please? how would one benefit using this program with a monome?

  • just like max/msp, reaktor can send and receive OSC messages to turn LEDs on and off.

    you also have access to a bunch of sound modules so the incoming messages can be used to control synths, trigger MIDI or samples, etc.

    kid sputnik has a bunch of reaktor based monome ensembles i believe.

    it's basically like max/msp that is solely focused on sound programming. so no jitter, no serial communication support. on the other hand, it runs as a vst so you can open it in any daw.

  • hmmm, i use a livid block, never had any problems using MIDI or the monome emulator but never had to use serialosc... i just use MIDI usually, much easier IMO.

  • Got it. Really helpful feedback - off to look at kid sputniks stuff and the user ensembles...

  • if you need help getting started with programming i have a world of tutorials at

    all the newest stuff is just checking out User Library ensembles, but there's a lot of in-depth tutorials on programming. it's not geared towards monome at all, more towards sound programming, but everything from building a simple synth to designing zero delay feedback filters is covered.

  • 10 minute review: Lots of new synths and sequencers to play with woo hoo! And the sound is fantastic! But the learning curve to create new things is a bit daunting - as a novice-middling max/msp user I think I should be honing my max skills instead.

    Which makes me wonder why there aren't the range of max things as there are reaktor? I like all the reaktor grooveboxes (Limelite, GoBox, Scenario) - but I'm now thinking about how I could recreate those in max (with monome integration), rather than learning Reaktor... Or maybe they're out there in max already.

  • @raja - you are fantastic. thanks.

  • the old wordpress site has some good content, especially in the downloads there are several ensembles. however the new site has some much longer and more advanced tutorials. it is also a commercial site, so i can understand why raja likes it less ;)

    here is the first tutorial i wrote for them