Route, switches and encoders

  • Just got a simple idea. Let's say in Waves I map:

    000.ENC/VAL -> ROUTE4/VAL
    004.SW/VAL -> ROUTE4/TO
    012.ROUTE4/00 -> 073.hz0
    012.ROUTE4/01 -> 073.hz1

    Providing I go in the input page and use for instance this:

    004.SW/TOG -> 0
    004.SW/MUL -> 1

    I will then get to use my switch as a modifier, meaning my encoder will change function (here Encoder 0 switches from Hz0 to Hz1 when I press Switch 0, and gets back to Hz0 when I remove my finger). Now the problem I got is that the value of the encoder itself is still the reference, so that if I have a value of 100 Hz for Hz0, swith to Hz1 and put it to 4000 Hz before coming back to Hz0, Hz0 will then jump to 4000 Hz as soon as I touch the encoder. It can definitely bring some funny surprises, but would there be a way to keep the values in memory somehow, and then have the encoder act as an infinite rotary taking over from each stored value when switching?

    That would open up for some pretty wild and super fast modulation possibilities, right? Think about it, turning an encoder continuously while pressing on/off the 4 switches at fast rhythmic intervals, for instance...

  • this has been discussed a lot on multiple threads. see the "feature request" thread for adaptive encoders. pasting:

    i will probably change the encoder WRAP in/ WRAP out/ to VAL in / DELTA out in the next version. thus the encoder's actual state is exposed as an input node; it can come under preset control and you can still use the deltas in an external accumulator if you want wrapping behavior. existing scenes should be unaffected since i don't think anyone used the wrapping nodes anyways.

  • Just talked about it with Søren and will be super happy about that, thanks!