I made a Midi patch for Monome 256

  • Hi everyone. Been quite busy but I want to share my midi patch with you as it seems this is something a lot of people would like to use.
    If I have the time i will upload a cleaned up version, but I don't have time for that now.

    Hope you enjoy!

    Made in Max 5.

    1. Connect Monome (could say a little high pitchet pip when you click connect)
    2. Double click all the boxes and choose the right midi port. (I use to max msp and from max msp)
    3. Turn on remote and off tracking in Ableton Live's preferences window.
    4. Get mapping and playing!

  • @krisstofferlislegaard Is there any way to get LED feedback when pressing a button?

  • Hi. What software are you using it with? I use it with Ableton Live and then I get full light responce from live. Remember you have to turn on remote on the midi output in live.

    Are you trying to use it with something else? So you just want whatever button you press to light up? I can fix that.

  • I'm also using it in Ableton. Maybe add a button that can switch modes? :)

  • Yes that might be something I will add in the future =)

    So to do this in live:
    In live's midi preferences activate remote for the midi port you choose as input in max. (to max map)
    Then try to map it to something.

    Remember that not all functions in live will send led-data. f.ex. the looper as a lot of functions that doesn't.