reverse playback of buffer (feature request?0

  • is anyone developing the ability to reverse the direction of buffer playback in Lines? or is there a way to do this currently that i haven't sussed out?
    I'm missing the ability to play backwards sounds!!

  • i'll add this to next lines rev. sorry i haven't been more active but very very busy with paid gigs and random life things. off the top of my head i cannot think of a reason why it wouldn't work to simply have a negative multiplier for the phasor.

  • I find that sending a value of -1 to rMuL works pretty well for now. The only problem is the delay loop doesn't seem to crossfade when reversed, so it can be a bit glitchy.

  • Oh you mean from bees? Dang, I've only tried setting it in the inputs page! Will try now :)

  • would you all care to share a scene with this?

  • I'm working on something to share now, but it's not quite ready :)

    But yeah, set the mul of a switch to -1 and send it to rMULn and BOOM toggle reverse on and off.

    The inputs page only lets you set rMUL and rDiv from 1-8, but map a switch or encoder to them and things get weird fast.

  • hmm, only doozy with this is that if you're making a looper (with controllable length) then you have to set the read position for metro at the end of the loop to get it play backwards. but the time relationship between BEES and Lines is still all screwy so it's impossible to get a good clean loop backwards.. ok for drones, but not for anything rhythmic (though have a look at the thread I started on the metro object, seems there's a fundamental flaw in it's timing anyway that needs to be fixed first.. maybe then all this will work seamlessly)

  • ah, ok i see. thank you for the heads up!

  • yeah, I've given up on perfect timing for now... it was driving me crazy... but I've been happy getting weird random polyrhythmic loops out of it

  • thats cool. i was just wondering how you were implementing it and i am going to try it out when i get home(only 8 hours away)