Ableton Push question

  • Just polling you guys as I'm more familiar w/ this forum than the ableton.

    Does anyone have a Push? I got one yesterday, and was messing around a bit. Although I liked a lot of the experience I seemed to find an issue I couldn't find documented on the internet ...

    When playing in the drum rack sequencer, specifically one w/ a long sample sliced across a 50-60 cells in the rack, I found that I kept getting subtle (but noticable) glitchy clicks when adding new events to the sequence or editing controller data. This seemed to ramp up as the sequence got more complex.

    It almost sounded like a latency issue, but that didn't make much sense as the push is just sending midi data. Anyone have any thoughts?

    My computer is a 2012 macbook air i7, 8gb ram, Live 9 newest update, Mavericks. I had a few plugins running but nothing seemed to be maxing out and the CPU was hanging out around %25. I played with the buffersize a little, but noticed no difference. I'm going to try my work computer this weekend, and maybe try a friends push if i get a second.


  • Sometimes I find that USB devices cause audio interference - could that be going on? It particularly happens if the Push is connected to the same USB port as the audio interface; and if too many devices are attached to an unpowered hub...

  • Thanks declutter.

    I was using it by itself with headphones into the computer, but I should probably try with my audio interface (on a separate port) and also w/ the push powered (I was just using the USB power).