aleph patch 3 (all cv scene)

  • using the monome aleph all for cv duties (no audio) this time, the scene i made has 4 cv outs controlling oscillator pitch (hertz donut, z3000 and braids (particle mode), clock cv & echophon echo w/4 random number generators with differing min/max values influencing the cv outs. 4ms clocking trigger ins in maths & function and accent in on mmg, various cv'c from wogglebug echophon clock out & maths/function eor & eoc outs. slight hand manipulation (cheating?) of eventide space mix, decay and moog mf104 time & feedback..

  • dude, this is great! care to share the patch to have a look how you've done this? and no, you don't need a buchla anytime soon :-)

  • he already has one @myecholalia

    (sorry couldnt resist)

  • ha, gli, that's funny :-)
    and this on a day when i actually started pondering to get a music easel in addition to my eurorack as well...

  • sorry yeah this is detracting from the fact that bk posted some great exploration

    i'd be curious to see the scene also

  • haha, thanks lads, i'm gonna tweak it a bit as i'd like to add in some slow lfo's & sample and and hold (that'll be a head fuck) to manipulated the cv's so i can use the encoders for something else and make it a "source of uncertainty" scene, will try and pop it up on the sharing page when it's done. stay tuned (if it doesn't do my head in that is)

  • I would love a "source of uncertainty." Please do share! Although I think I'm inspired to work on my own :)

  • post the scene please!

  • haven't worked on it much this week, will review the tutee's and try n add some lfo action then i'll post it