FS/FT: Greyscale 64

  • looking to sell or trade my greyscale 64. its in fully functioning order with only very mild cosmetic defects (light staining on the keys and faceplate) but nothing a careful clean wouldn't fix i'm sure! tilt functionality also works fine although i don't find much use for it myself. open to trade offers, maybe a varibright 128 for this 64 + cash your way. as far as i know i'm the second owner and i know between myself and the previous owner it hasn't seen anything more than bedroom usage. my only reason for selling it is because i'm looking to upgrade bigger and badder

    going to throw out a starting price of €300 plus postage to wherever you want me to send it, or if you're close enough to arrange a meet up i'm based in Waterford, Ireland and should be able to sort something out with you.

    any questions or offers fire a comment down below or email me at kevingrimestramore@gmail.com

    2000 x 3552 - 2M
    2000 x 3552 - 2M
  • bumpy bump! been using this a lot lately and the urge to upgrade to a 128 is growing