Aalto ccs

  • I'm trying the Aalto demo with meadowphysics.
    I cannot find infos about mapping parameters.
    No search engine on the madrona labs forum,midi monitor is just giving me sysex messages...
    Any infos/directions?

  • are you running aalto inside of a DAW? you should be able to do external parameter maps and use the from-Max MIDI port or IAC or MidiYoke bus--

  • if you were trying to stay in max this video shows pretty clearly how to pull out parameters. You could then convert the cc's from teletype to max messages and get control this way.

    It might be easier to use the aalto cc's for modwheel (and the +1 +2) out of the Key section at the top of aalto. You could then patch these 3 cc's to a number of parameters in aalto. By default this would mean sending aalto cc 1 cc 2 cc 3. Then you would need to patch these out of the key section in the aalto patcher to whatever parameters you wanted.

  • Thanks!
    Lot of work today. I will try this next week.
    Aalto is nice.