FS: Monome 256 Walnut

  • It is with great regret that I have come here today to post about selling my beloved Walnut Monome 256. It's been a rough year financially (unexpected medical bills will do that to you, ugh). I do plan on picking another one up in the future, but for now, I could really use the cashflow.

    -It's in great condition with very minor cosmetic wear.
    -2 of the corners are ever so slightly separated... It's hardly noticable and it's been that way since I first got it, see pictures.
    -This unit has NOT undergone the bus power upgrade.

    I am only asking $750 + Shipping (I'm in Mammoth Lakes, California) because I really need it to go fast.

    I'm really hoping to find it a good home, as this thing was my baby.

    Pictures: http://share.pho.to/66V5a#


  • No interest? Unfortunately I HAVE to get rid of this thing as I'm in great need of the money. (Desperation is a horrible thing)

    Willing to accept offers. You can shoot me a message, reply here, or shoot me an email at modfreqmusic@gmail.com


  • Is it variable brightness?

    I was looking to pick up a wallnut VB 128 new from the current batch, if they were available.

    I'm tempted by this though..