help!?knob coming loose on aleph..

  • one of the encoder knobs on my aleph has come loose and comes off quite easy now...can you buy replacements?

  • you mean the silicon cap?

    email info@monome they'll probably be able to sort it out for you

  • I've got one that's loose as well. loose meaning: if I pull loosely upward, the button comes off the shaft easily where the others don't.

  • send an email to for details on a replacement.

    out of curiosity have you guys taken the knobs on and off a bunch of times (like dozens of times) and they've gradually loosened, or have they been loose from the start? on my aleph i've taken the knobs on and off probably 20 times and i still have to pull reasonably hard to get them off.

    anyway we're always looking to improve the designs so feedback is very welcome.

  • Big ups to monome customer service!, new ones are in the mail! Nah, haven't really taken mine on/off much, I was always told as a kid i played with my knob too much and that'd fall off when it was ripe..

  • haha appreciate the humour!

    nevertheless i'm curious to know if they arrived tight and got loose, or were loose to start with??

  • I think maybe it was a little looser from the start

  • If I remember correctly, it went like this

    1. tweak knobs
    2. notice one feels slightly looser than the others
    3. eventually realize its loose enough to be pulled off the shaft
    4. but it back on
    5. post in thread someday