grid grain to work with bees 0.5.5?

  • any chance of updating this scene duncan? makes the aleph crash on launch so no love..i'd love to have a play around with it

  • sorry, i'm totally wrapped in a project that launches in a couple of weeks.
    not really anytime for aleph dev sadly (it is getting lots of use in the proj though)
    normal operations will resume in august :)

  • sweet! looking forward to it bro!

  • yeah i am excited about this as well, one of my favorite things on aleph!!

  • I concur

  • to be honest it'll be a lot easier once route8 has 8 outputs :) don't want to build it again and then see it broken in 0.5.6, so i'm going to hold out until @tehns promised announcement.

  • thanks for the update. i am anxiously awaiting this announcement. we should be getting dangerously close to it.