FS: GS 128 tilt sensor bus powered

  • I'm selling my beloved grayscale 128 (# m128-333) which I bought new in May 2010. I have used it but quite sparingly and it is in great shape. It has white LEDs and is not variable brightness (although you can control the overall brightness with a few apps). I have misplaced the original packaging and graphics, but I will ship it with a high quality USB cable.

    I am asking $550 plus shipping and will ship worldwide. I will accept paypal (from verified accounts) or teller's/certified check. I will ship it as soon as the payment clears. On eBay I have a 100% positive rating.

    I am reluctant to sell this but am using my walnut 64 and ARC2 more than this 128.

    You can see in the photos that there is some keypad discoloration but it does not affect performance.


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  • Love that forth pic. good luck with the SALE

  • Is this up for sale on eBay?

  • Not yet on eBay. Thought I'd give this community first crack at it.

  • Still for sale.

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