built 40h for sale - £300 plus postage, uk only - not for sale (old post)

  • if anyone is interested i am selling my monome 40 h built from a kit by me

    pictures are in the monome docs site (sharpeye) mahogany and perspex

    i think its a fair price when labour for building and cost of kit and raw materials and import duty are factored in

    i will ship to UK only, and am based in manchester

    mail me if you are interested at lwarren (at) ccm (dot) ac (dot) uk


  • for the lazy ones: the link to the kit pictures:

  • yeah, probably should have included that


  • stigi to the rescue :)

    good luck on the deal mate. i'm shure there'll be some people interested

  • and just so people know, i am not out to make a killing, i own another monome and am not really using both so trying to share the love a bit, and all funds raised are to buy other studio gear!

    be quick or be dead as they say

  • not remotely intended as a criticism but I'm surprised that you'd be selling the kit-made one. I'd have thought that after making something with your own hands you be more inclined to sell on the 64.

    any particular reason? the accelerometer maybe?

    not that it's any of my business. I was just curious...

  • restlessboy,
    maybe i can answer your question, having built a kit and sold it.

    the kit that i built had a lot of character and i was actually slightly sad to see it go because it was awesome black and green colored, but it turned out much thicker than my 40h, making it slightly less playable as a hand-held device.

    at the same time, there's also this really cool feeling to building something like a 40h and letting it go into the world. perhaps the person you sell it to will sell it to someone else, and you'll see it 10 years down the road and go "hey! i built that!"

    sharpeye's looks thinner than mine, but still much thicker than a 40h. though it doesn't look much thicker (potentially even thinner) than a 64, the 64 is thinner and shorter, compensating for the thickness in terms of hand span.

    or perhaps he just likes the smaller buttons better =P

  • if you're right soundcyst, that is the exact reason i built mine as thin as possible.

    40mm and proud.

  • the accelerometer is very nice, but it is a size thing

    i bought the 64 and 40h with the intention of using it as a 128, but in reality the size difference is a pain in the backside - its actually harder to try and work out quickly what row is what etc.

    in retrospect i wish i had bought 2 kits and built a 128 - bigger but at least all the same size

    so there is another option - if anyone wants to trade a home built 128 for my 64 and 40h kit i would consider

    and i do like the idea of someone else getting something i have built - i might even sign it!

  • Just wondering if your 40H still for sale?

  • Is this still for sale? I am interested and have cash waiting.

  • read the title

    and the date of the first post should also give you a clue

    no longer for sale