Aleph scene bumper pack

  • I've built a collection of six Aleph scenes that I use as my default set-up when writing and recording..
    maybe some of you will find them useful so i've packaged them all together -
    mostly I use them with guitar but easier to make a demonstration video with the op1 (no need to mic an amp :) )

    download here

    video here

  • thank you so much for sharing. i will try these out tomorrow and report back.

  • thanks for the share. look forward to playing...

  • omg duncan these are awesome! thanks man!!!!

  • these look fantastic!

  • sweet. thanks!

  • Thank you for sharing your work!

  • Excellent. Thank you for sharing.

  • gripper and stasis!!! so grateful you posted these!!!!!

  • This should be called Epic Pack.

    Still would've loved some explanations in your lovely RP, though.

  • Ha, I think technically it's GRP ;)
    Also forgot to mention that it's worth doing a clean boot before loading any of these scenes, some of them change the buffer length and this sometimes causes a bit of havoc (and potential freezing)

  • Is it now?

    Oh well, as long as you keep apologizing when coughing by saying 'oh dear' I'm a fan.

  • here's a little (not) patch made with "stasis"
    seriously duncan, this is blowing my mind..

  • amazing! is that Rodrigo's Party Van running too?

  • ah, i see the info in the other thread now.. nice :)

  • i didn't want to steal any thunder from stasis..

  • bkinsman, this is absolutely awesome.
    I need Braids.

  • Thanks dude but buy an aleph first, best money I have ever spent. That thing can even make farts sound amazing (like, they sound pretty cool as is but it'll make it pretty..)

  • i've been playing with these more and more and have started to find the sweet spots, each time i read the instructions i seem to get a little more out of them, great work duncan they're fucking awesome.

  • @bkinsman awesome track!

  • This looks amazing Duncan, so far I have been delightfully stuck into the Waves module but will look into it for sure!

  • really great stuff! one thing (and this may have been intentional) - it seems like a lot of the knob controls don't update to the screen. should this be the case?

  • yup, in a number of these the encoders are just updating values of math objects, so the values on screen wouldn't be very useful. if you go to the inputs page you can turn on 'show' for anything you'd like to see updated on the screen
    (also i'm using a lot of metros, and the more screen drawing you have going on the slacker the timing gets)

  • I will make myself some flash cards then.

  • @duncan_speakman
    been using the bumper pack and it's really cool!

    question about Streppa...
    my monome has keys that will not turn back off while using the Streppa scene.
    it starts out b;ank with the two moving rows at the top.
    but some of the buttons in the lower half of the controller will not turn back off.
    two rows of three and one button on the bottom row get stuck.

    (see attached pic)

    any idea on what is happening?

    3264 x 2448 - 1M
  • as far as i remember it's just another of the BEES bugs :)
    to load any new scene i almost always have to do a clean boot (hold down bottom left button first), i can't remember if the grid should be plugged in before or after though (try both :) )

  • so far all of your scenes seem to work with just a "clear scene" and then loading up the next scene. i do unplug the monome before loading it up.
    i will try a clean boot tonight.
    also...the Aleph does a hard crash if i unplug the monome with a scene running.
    as won't power down at all and i have to unplug it.

    thanks for the info!

  • gripper is 100% mental

  • yeah @analogue01

    i owe duncan massive thanks cause i've used gripper and stasis in a lot of sessions since this was released

  • I just realized I never tried any of these. Thanks for sharing this!